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Who am I?

September 03, 2020

This is just a little intro to who I am, and is very likely to be updated and fleshed out in the future 🙂


I’m someone that loves learning and improving both myself and others around me. I think that sounds like quite a common thing to say, but when I’ve latched onto something I’m extremely dedicated to the cause.

My desire to improve extends to pretty much all aspects of things, but is especially focused on ease of use and effeciency. I’m that kind of person that would happily sit there for hours theorycrafting for games, and would share pretty much everything I knew with anyone.


I’ve worked in support across various companies, and also worked as a junior developer in the past. Currently, I’m working at Unily as a Subject Matter Expert. I’m looking at moving roles in the very near future into DevOps, where I can hopefully put my development skills to some good use.

Why blog?

I find that (I think!) I’m learning quite a lot about coding, but in my day to day job I do not have the time to share any knowledge about it with those around me that are also interested in starting to code. When I’m coding outside of work, I’m not normally interacting with any kind of developer communities and so am not sharing anything.

This blog aims to change that, and through this I can share what I’m learning with whoever would like to read. Hopefully, I’ll also get to learn from any comments that get left for me 🙂

Written by Rich Armstrong who aspires to the purity of the blessed machine (he means he likes making useful tools, normally with TypeScript).